Construction Manager Pittsburgh PA

Matthew Pia

Matthew Pia is the founder and president of Pia Construction. He has over 18 years of hands-on experience in the planning and execution of construction projects in the Pittsburgh area and across the US. He is a skilled and respected construction professional.


Pia Construction was created with clear focus and a solitary goal. Everything we do is 100% in support of the needs of our clients as we deliver our office, medical/dental, restaurant and retail fit out projects with unsurpassed quality – on time and on budget.

We understand that in the general business community there is a certain fear and apprehension revolving around the construction process of new offices and facilities. The need for companies to expand and grow is there, but so is a real hesitancy to take on the challenges that surround the construction process. Our clients know where they want to go – they just want to find someone who can make the journey a smooth and safe one.

“Pia Construction is a client focused construction company. We stand with our clients as their trusted advisor and project manager to expertly create the office space they need efficiently and quickly. We turn their plans into reality with integrity, honesty and hard work.”

We are not the construction company many fear that tries to gain an upper hand through intimidation or technical jargon as the budget is padded with change orders while the schedule slips way off target. We are the firm with planning, estimating and construction skills to anticipate problems, overcome issues and complete the project while earning our clients deep trust and confidence.

Pia Construction is the contractor that our customers hoped they would find. Every day we work tirelessly to live up to that expectation.

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